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yes more shit about me i got bored typing all this soo i feel sorry for you to read all this!

as well all you people know that im a guitarist! well i hope you lot all know! ive been a guitarist since i was 15 years-old i wanted to start playing again since me and my mates wanting to set up a band, so i got a guitar for me birthday it was a squire westfield which isn't bad for my first electric. and i started lessons then about 3 weeks after me birthday. 2 years down my life still doin lessons i then brought a new guitar an ESP F-50 which is a whole lot better guitar!now i've stopped guitar lessons because i can't get to them anymore!

sooo i've got 3 guitars the 1st one is a squire westfield which is deoxigenated blood red with 21 frets tremolo bar and ernie ball 10 gauge strings. the 2nd guitar is an ESP F-50 oxigenated blood red with 24 frets and ernie ball slinky tops and heavy bottoms.the 3rd one is a BC rich Son of Beast black with 24 frets and ernie ball slinky tops heavy bottoms.

as i'm not currently in a band i still write me own lyrics and musik to them. i have wrote about 60songs all together but only put musik to four of them but still adding musik to most of them jus havn't completely finished them.


the above picture is a picture of twinkle the frist cat i had!

favorite bands, cds and songs!

bands; emperor, slayer, cradle of filth, metallica, the crown, amon amarth, slipknot, agathodaimon, akercocke, alice cooper, anaal nathrakh, arch enemy, at the gates, the berzerker, cannible corpse, carcass, cathedral, coroner, dark angel, decapitated, devildriver, dimmu borgir, exodus, fear factory, the haunted, iron maiden, morbid angel, my dying bride, mudvayne, murderdolls, nile, norther, opeth, rob zombie, zimmer's hole.
cds; altars of madness, blackwater park, brutal planet, the codex necro, crowned in terror, cruelty and the beast, darkness descends, death unlimited, dissimulate, fate of norns, in the nightside eclipse, iowa, legion of flames, nymphetamine, r.i.p., raise yourfist and yell, reign in blood, wages of sin.
songs; cold machines, a fury divine, last mistake, english fire, coffin fodder, swansong for a raven, filthy little secret, lustmord and wargasm (the lick of carnivorous winds), satanist, death is certain, nonus aequilibrium, the eruption.