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personnal shit

just more shit about me!

*star sign* aries
*sexuality* fucks women
*profession* in being my own person
*marital status* single and willing
*cigarettes?* nope may from time to time when im drunk
*drugs?* nope don't intend to
*alcohol?* too much
*musik* if you aint already haved guessed its black/death/thrash metal mostly
*tv show* don't watch tv
*animal* cats and crocodiles
*movie* "last of the mohicans" "the hole" "underworld" "blade (1 and 2)" "braveheart" "versus"
*food* steak, pizzas, and indian dishes
*drink* cider and cider and cider and fosters and coke and water and cider
*place to be* pubs, bedroom, someone elses bedroom, in bed, in someone elses bed, any rock concert and gig and venues
*quotes* "5.89" "door bell someone get the door" "oh well life goes on"
*size* why should i put that down??most of you already know if you don't then ask me!
*person* all the guitarists out of cradle of filth and emperor
*any comments* why the fuck am i teling you lot this?

oooh my dream goil ;-)