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about the internal whispers

this page is all about erm... i think me?? anyway i'll talk about me

hellow there i am chuwy, i was created on 16/04/1987. i am a metaller i wear black clothes n black clothes also black clothes, i hate being called a greebo and goth because i aint one that's why and i don't look lyk one! anyway i have got long very dark brown hair, brown eyes, i'm 5ft 10 i think??? and i've got a goatie but i shave down the middle so it looks lyk i've got two!

i was created at the Kills Mill hospital in 1987. the test tube was incubated at 187degrees C for 187 minutes, the substance was unknown then all of a sudden i was created at 7:19am on thrusday morning. the creator called me Julian Jimmy Gilding but later in life i was called chuwy but ill get to that story later. i was brought up in a village called blidworth its former name was bloodworth. i sposed to get educated at Robert Jones primary school (but they never teached us, it was a shit school). then i was forced to leave to secondary school Joseph Whitaker at rainworth (prononced renurth). then i moved to pinxton in 2003 and here i am now.

how did i get the name chuwy? many people have asked that and the amount of times i've told the story is unbelieveable! well here is the answer to that story.
in primary school years 5 and 6 me and my mates use to play star wars going round shooting each other and i was the charector chewbacca and soo that's how it developed by my mates calling me chuwy. and it is chuwy with a "u" not an "e" because i want to be weird lyk i am anyway!

a picture of me now


a picture of me in my younger days